Gifts to buy a wine lover

What do you buy the wine lover in your life when you don’t know much about wine yourself?

Justo González Morilla | 5th November 2022
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Gifts to buy a wine lover

You want to come across as thoughtful and knowledgable but you don’t know where to start. The answer is to put your faith in a wine expert such as The Grape Reserve and gift a wine subscription.

What makes a subscription a great gift for a wine lover?

A single bottle of wine is a great gift in itself, but being sent a variety means you’re able to taste different styles. Different situations call for different wines, the same wine will taste different depending on the food it’s paired with, or even how you’re feeling. Being sent multiple wines means you can pick and choose which bottle to open.

If you know the wine lover in your life enjoys discovering new wines then getting a new delivery each month is an exciting way to receive your gift. The anticipation of opening each box and learning more about wines they likely haven’t tried before will make for an unforgettable gift.

How easy is it to gift a wine subscription?

Gifting wine as part of a monthly subscription couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve selected the duration and whether each delivery should contain red, white or a mixture of both, all we need is their postal address in order to start their subscription.

There’s nothing else to worry about. Each month The Grape Reserve will send out a new selection of wines until the subscription ends. It doesn’t renew so you don’t need to worry about cancelling, but of course if the recipient wants to continue, they can set up their own subscription.

How long should I gift the subscription for?

The Grape Reserve offers wine subscriptions for a variety of different durations to suit every budget. From a one-off box of curated wines to a monthly delivery for a whole year, every gift and occasion is catered for.

If you do decide to opt for the longer year-long wine subscription then you’ll also be taking advantage of our largest discount. The 12-month option works out 8% cheaper per box.

How do I purchase a gift subscription?

It’s possible to set up a wine subscription gift in just a few clicks. Our easy-to-use website makes it quick and simple. Use the link below to set up your gift today.

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