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The UK’s Best Wine Subscription Gift

Wine subscription gifts for wine lovers

The UK’s best wine subscription gift for wine lovers.

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Send a wine subscription as a gift

Perfect for any occasion, our wine subscription gifts are so easy to set up! Personalise your gift by customising the duration and adding a gift note. We deliver their wine to their door each month making it the perfect wine subscription experience for wine lovers.

We select 2 fantastic wines for your gift each month. We look for wines made from unique grape varieties from regions they may not have tried before. They get to expand their wine knowledge at the same time as enjoying your wine subscription gift.

Personalise your wine subscription gift

Personalise their subscription

Select a wine subscription gift duration and write a personalised gift note.

Personalise your wine subscription gift

Gift subscription delivery

Your custom wine subscription gift is sent directly to your recipient each month.

Personalise your wine subscription gift

Their wine adventure begins

Your recipient receives their gift subscription and they begin their wine adventure.

Personalise your wine subscription gift

Wine Subscription Gift

Please select the number of bottles

Please select a duration

Please select the wine

Please select the delivery date

If you would prefer to purchase a gift voucher that can be emailed immediately and redeemed at a later date, take a look at our wine subscription gift vouchers.

*Some remote postcodes will incur a 15% additional delivery fee. For more information on deliveries, read our FAQs. Gift subscriptions do not automatically renew.

Want to email a gift voucher instead?

Gift vouchers

What’s included in every month’s box?

Two or four bottles of fantastic wine

Two or four bottles of fantastic wine

Each monthly delivery contains two or four fantastic bottles of wine from the best vineyards from around the world.

Tasting notes and recipes

Tasting notes and recipes

We also include accompanying tasting notes and a recipe designed to complement each bottle of wine.

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Wine subscription gift FAQs

Still have questions about our wine subscription gifts? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What will the gift subscription contain?

In each box we include two or four bottles of fantastic wine, tasting notes for each bottle, and complementary food pairing suggestions and recipes. In the first box, we also include a booklet with helpful tasting tips.

When will they receive their subsequent boxes?

Subsequent wine subscription boxes will be sent in the first week of each month. If the gift order is placed on or after the 21st, they’ll receive their second box 4-6 weeks later.

When will they receive their first delivery?

The first box will arrive within 2-3 working days of the order being placed unless you’ve selected a different delivery date. If you would like the delivery date amended, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Is delivery free?

Yes, our wine subscription gifts all include free UK delivery* for the entire length of the subscription. *Note some remote UK postcode will incur a 15% charge.

Have other questions?

Just send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to reply as soon as we can.

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What do our customers say?


Jen, London

“Loved the bottles I was sent. Great selection to compare different wines. Tasted great and learnt about the wine in the process.”


George, London

“Great concept. I’m learning to appreciate the differences in each wine I try.”

Can you gift a wine subscription and personalise it?
Yes, firstly, you can choose between a selection of 2 or 4 bottles. Choose between red wine only, white wine only, only or a mixed case of both. Next choose a duration, the most popular is our 3 month wine subscription gift, but we also offer a 6 month wine subscription gift, and a 12 month wine subscription gift. You can also select a first delivery date and add a handwritten gift note.

What is the best wine subscription?
We’re a little biased but we think The Grape Reserve offers the best quality wine subscription in the UK. There are many others though including Savage Vines, Majestic Wine Concierge, Naked Wines, Winepost, Shop Cuvée, The Wine Society, and Wine of England.

How much does a monthly wine subscription cost as a gift?
Our wine subscriptions start from £36 per month which includes free UK delivery. We also offer 10% off when selecting a 4 bottle wine subscription.

Are wine subscriptions worth it?
In short, definitely. Our wine subscription includes bottles from different varieties and regions to allow the recipient to discover new wines and perhaps even a new favourite!

How does a wine subscription gift work?
Once the subscription gift has been purchased, there’s nothing the recipient needs to do. On the first week of each subsequent month they’ll receive their wine until their subscription ends.

Is there a difference between a wine subscription and a wine club gift?
In our opinion there is no difference between a wine subscription and a wine club. Your recipient will receive 2 or 4 bottles of wine each month for the duration of the gift. The subscription won’t renew so there are no nasty suprises.

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