Wine Subscription Gift Vouchers


Wine subscription gift vouchers

Perfect for any occasion, our wine subscriptions gift vouchers are so easy to gift! Personalise your wine subscription gift voucher by selecting the duration and add a gift message. We’ll send their voucher to their email inbox on the day you specify.

How they work.

Personalise your wine subscription gift voucher

Personalise your gift

Select a wine subscription gift duration and write a personalised gift note.

Personalise your wine subscription gift voucher

Voucher is Sent

Your custom wine subscription gift voucher is emailed directly to your recipient’s inbox on a day you choose.

Personalise your wine subscription gift

They Redeem

Your recipient redeems their wine subscription gift and begins their wine adventure.

Wine Corkscrew

Personalise your wine subscription gift voucher

Wine Subscription Gift

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Please note gift vouchers are not valid for redemption in Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, or Isle of Man.

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*The Grape Reserve only delivers within the UK. For more information on deliveries, read our FAQs.

What’s included in every month’s box?

Two bottles of fantastic wine

Two bottles of fantastic wine

Each monthly delivery contains two fantastic bottles of wine from the best vineyards from around the world.

Tasting notes and recipes

Tasting notes and recipes

We also include accompanying tasting notes and a recipe designed to complement each bottle of wine.

What do our customers say?


Jen, London

“Loved the bottles I was sent. Great selection to compare different wines. Tasted great and learnt about the wine in the process.”


George, London

“Great concept. I’m learning to appreciate the differences in each wine I try.”

Are there gift vouchers for wine?
Yes, rather than sending out the first box straight away, we’ll send the recipient a gift voucher by email that they can redeem instead. Similar to the Winc gift card, this is an ideal solution if you don’t know the recipient’s address.

Can you gift a one month gift voucher?
Yes, this is the most affordable wine club gift voucher and is priced at £37. You can also send email gift vouchers of: a 3 month wine subscription gift, a 6 month wine subscription gift, and a 12 month wine subscription gift. You can also subscribe to our wine club monthly too.

How does a gift voucher work?
When the recipient receives their gift voucher by email, they use the unique code to redeem on our website. They enter their own address, and select between 2 bottles of red, 2 bottles of white, or a mixed case of wine.

Is there a difference between a wine subscription gift and a wine gift voucher?
The only difference is that the recipient receives an email they can use to redeem the UK’s best wine subscription gift, rather than receiving the first box straight away. The wines contained in both are exactly the same.