Wine subscription gifting for every season

Wine subscriptions are one of the most popular gifts that you could give someone, and not just during the holiday season. Wine subscription gifting has become a popular way to show someone you care and appreciate them, while also letting them explore new and exciting wines they might not have tried before.

Justo González Morilla | 27th June 2022
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Wine subscription gifting for every season

The Grape Reserve make it easy to select the perfect gift for anyone on your list, with full flexibility in terms of duration. You can even customize your wine subscription gift by selecting between 2 or 4 bottles, red, white, or a mix of both. Whether you’re looking for something unique and special, or just want to treat someone this holiday season, wine subscription gifting is an ideal solution.

Wine subscription gifting is a trend that is taking the technology world by storm in 2022. What is wine subscription gifting, you ask? In essence, wine subscription gifting allows that special someone to begin a tasting discovery adventure from the comfort of their own home. Whether the gift is a romantic gesture or a gift of appreciation, wine subscription gifting can add a little bit of luxury and class to any occasion.

Wine has always been seen as a luxury item, and with the increasing popularity of wine subscription boxes, wine lovers everywhere have an even easier way to get their hands on a variety of wines all at once. Furthermore, wine subscription gifting is becoming increasingly popular as a way to show appreciation and kindness to someone special. Whether you’re sending a wine subscription as a holiday gift or just to say thank you, wine subscription gifting can really show that you care about the person you’re giving the gift to.

How to create a wine subscription gift is relatively simple. Firstly, you will need to decide which wine subscription box you would like to gift. If the person you’re giving the wine subscription gift to already has a preference for red or white wine, you can simply select the wine box that suits their taste. If the person you’re giving the wine subscription gift to doesn’t have a preference, you can choose a wine subscription box that contains both. Once you have chosen a wine subscription box, you will need to select a delivery date for their first box and type a gift note that we’ll handwrite onto a postcard and include within their first delivery. All deliveries of each wine subscription box are free in the UK unless their address falls into a remote postcode.

Once they’ve received their wine subscription box they’ll be able to taste along with our helpful tasting notes and purchase more of a wine they’ve enjoyed. Each bottle ensures your giftee gets to know wines a little better from varieties and regions they may not have tasted much of in the past. This way, they’ll be able to know what type of wines they enjoy, and in the future will search out these in shops and restaurants.

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