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About us

The Grape Reserve was founded by two young wine enthusiasts, hailing from the UK and Spain. The pair spent over a decade searching out and tasting as many different varieties of wine as possible from all over the world.

The wine industry can seem a bit pretentious from the outside, which can put off people from trying the amazing, unique wines that aren’t immediately front of mind. We’re often told that French is the only wine worth trying, and although it has a wealth of history and know-how, there are many other regions and countries you should give a go.

Some of the regions that you can expect to find in The Grape Reserve’s monthly wine subscription include: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Chianti, Barbaresco, Douro, and even, wait for it… England! Of course, a wine subscription wouldn’t be complete without the world renowned French regions too such as: Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhône, Languedoc, Saint Emilion and Burgundy.

The wine world can look a bit complex and overwhelming but once you’re aware of a few simple rules, you’ll be able to pick up the ones you like and pair them successfully with food. That, coupled with the determination to spread their passion of ‘Old World’ wines, is the reason why The Grape Reserve’s monthly wine subscription was created. Our mission is to ensure you learn something new each and every time you receive your monthly delivery.

Every wine tells a story and makes every experience unique.